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Saatgut-Ummantelung (Coating)

Innovative seed treatment and application with easySeed®, the sustainable seed protection technology — resource-saving, animal- and environment-friendly, ecological, with sustainable economic benefits and particularly easy handling.

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easySeed® is the innovative process for the protective, nourishing and supportive coating of seeds, which has finally succeeded in supporting the full germination power of the seed with the advantages of a natural coating free of artificial chemicals.

The process makes sowing safer, higher-yielding and easier, while being environmentally friendly and biocompliant through the use of natural materials. The easySeed® technology allows adaptation to a wide range of requirements, which has been proven in many applications.

Biological seed coating

Sammen mit Lehm ummantelt, weitere Zusatzstoffe als bunte Kügelchen werden von einer transparenten Hülle umschlossen

Since the start in 2015, we have continuously developed our processes for coating with natural materials.

The lawn and flower pellets for the home and garden sector were based on a clay-based coating.

We have since added other natural materials for new application areas that offer sustainable benefits in landscaping, forestry, agriculture and organic farming

Rasenpellets mit Lehm ummantelt

easySeed® Lawn Pellets

High-tech for the amateur and professional gardener.
Selected lawn seeds are coated with a clay / raft mass, which provides the lawn with an ideal microclimate for germination.

Eject ... pour ... enjoy.

It's so easy to create a flower meadow.

Wald brach

easySeed® Tree Seed Coating

Einfache Lösungen für die Aufforstung und Rekultivierung von brach liegenden Flächen.
Our tree seed coating opens up completely new application possibilities, efficient, seed-preserving and cost-reducing.

Application experience and tests to date show benefits and market potential.

Innovative agricultural solutions for easier handling, higher yields and previously impossible application uses.
With a variety of additional coating materials that can be selected according to the needs of the seed, environmental conditions and agronomic requirements, seed treated with easySeed® dry coating offers significant advantages over conventionally treated seed.

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