Rasenpellets mit Lehm ummantelt

High-tech for the amateur and professional gardener.
Selected lawn seeds are coated with a clay / raft mass, which provides the lawn with an ideal microclimate for germination.

Wald brach

Simple solutions for renaturation of fallow land.
Our product stores a lot of water directly at the seedling and thus helps to master even difficult growing phases.

Blumen mit Werkzeug und Gummistiefeln im Garten


It's so easy to create a flower meadow.

Feld Korn

Innovative agricultural solutions with strong partners for easier handling and higher yields.
Our pelleted seed offers many advantages over conventionally treated seed.

Panorama Hand auf Wiese mit Weltkugel

Unser Pelletierungsverfahren und die verwendeten Materialien sind komplett natürlich, ohne künstliche Polymere und Mikroplastik.
Lassen Sie sich von innovativen und zugleich bio-konformen Ideen überzeugen.

Unsere Saatgut-Lösungen wurden mehrfach ausgezeichnet, zuletzt auf der Galabau 2022 mit der 2022 Galabau-Innovations-Medaille
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easySeed steht für einfache Handhabung,
Saatgut- und Keimungsschutz sowie hohe
Saatgut-Effizienz (minimaler Verbrauch) und Kosten-Effizienz

Offering solutions to the hobby sector and agriculture for seed refinement and application, resource-saving, animal- and environment-friendly, ecological and with sustainable economic benefits.

Developed in 2015, the clay-based sheathing was initially targeted exclusively at the home and garden sector. In subsequent years, the 'convenience' lawn pellet product evolved into an increasingly expanded product range, beyond home and garden applications into gala construction and landwritting.

In the home and garden sector, the product range now also includes coated flower seeds for direct sowing in flower beds, flower meadows or flower strips. These innovations, which have now also been patented, are beginning to change the flower seed market in the long term, because seeds can be sown or re-sown with significantly less effort in a simple, germ-proof and protected manner. Meadows can be upgraded to flower meadows with little effort, green and marginal areas can be expanded to bee or insect meadows - without using a plow, tiller or spade and without damaging the root structures of existing crops.

For the professional sector, especially for worldwide use in agriculture, the company has developed clay-based coatings that meet the special requirements of mechanical application and also offer commercial added value: Pesticides or fungicides can be reduced or often eliminated; clay is already a natural bird and insect repellent and can be enhanced with other natural additives for animal- and environmentally-friendly effects. Core products in the professional sector are currently coatings for canola, soybean, corn, sunflower and rice.

Textur Lehm

Loam or loess is the basis for the most fertile soils on this earth - loam contains everything the plant needs to generate a healthy germ with many and strong roots from a seed.
Loam also forms, with the mycorrhizae present in the soil, the ideal nutrient 'highway' for a perfect supply of nutrients to the plant, so that in the early stages of germination and growth all the facilities for a high-yielding plant can be created.
The clay can be enriched with other natural or artificial additives to enhance certain effects, e.g. defense against insect or bird damage. The clay itself, however, is already perceived by insects and birds as 'soil' and 'spurned' - the best conditions for natural protection of the seeds.

Wiese Textur Ausschnitt

Good ideas are born from experience and understanding - and the will to do better. Solutions with more efficiency and improved benefits are already perceived as progress. But only what protects the environment and resources is truly better: these are and have been the guiding principles of our company.

We are the technologically creative ones with an innovative potential for the really better ideas - we strive for products with economic and ecological additional benefits, we want to convince the user through clear advantages. And we stand for the fact that the world's best ideas also lead to the world's best products with completely new potentials; refined seed with the technology of instant seed  is an example of this!

Instant Seed is a startup company founded by two Berlin engineers in 2015 with headquarters and manufacturing facility in Brandenburg. The startup is based on a previous several years of development work on lawn seeds coated with nutrient-rich clay. The goal was to create a natural and environmentally friendly solution for easy product handling for lawn repair or new seeding and to implement this with 'bio' materials without chemical additives. Seeding should be possible without pre- and post-treatment; the seeds should not have to go underground to 'work'. The coating should already contain all the nutrients for safe germination and initial growth. At the end of 2015, a manufacturing facility was established and expanded in Oranienburg, for which special and cost-efficient manufacturing processes were developed. The lawn seed pellets have been on the market in Europe since 2016, and flower products since 2018.

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