High tech for easy lawn care

Lawn pellets with clay coating

easySeed® lawn – sure germination and growth success

Coated turf seed produced with easySeed® seed protection technology only needs to be "ejected," whether into misses or even into thinned-out lawns. The pellets grow and germinate where they fall - "as sown, so grown." The pellet shell contains all the natural substances and everything necessary for optimal development of the seed.

Simply sow the seed made with easySeed®technology on the soil - no preparation and no follow-up! You no longer need to prepare the soil; covering the seeds with soil is also unnecessary. Soil irregularities do not matter; due to the weight of the pills and pellets, they do not float away or collect in rain puddles - the seed distribution "as sown equals as grown" is maintained. The pellet seed is also well suited for slopes and embankments - the pellets will not wash away in normal rain - unlike conventional grass, herb or flower seed.

It is the dream of every hobby gardener to achieve a reliable and predictable germination and growth success with all seeds - especially for sowing grass, lawn, flowers and herbs - without having to be a specialist in seeds and sowing. Instant Seed's technologists have been dedicated to this dream from the beginning.

Clay and loess have been keys to perfect seed embedding since the beginning of plant cultivation by humans. And for more than 80 years, patent applications around the world have reflected the search for suitable solutions for seed embedding because clay, due to its differently behaving components, could not be processed for this purpose on an industrial scale until now.

Clay and loess as natural protection and nutrient base

Loam or loess is the basis for the most fertile soils on earth - loam contains everything the plant needs to generate a healthy germ with many and strong roots from a seed.
Loam also forms the ideal nutrient "highway" with the mycorrhizae found in the soil for a perfect supply of nutrients to the plant, so that in the early stages of germination and growth all the facilities for a high-yielding plant can be created.

The clay can be enriched with other natural or even artificial additives to enhance certain effects, such as defense against insect or bird feeding. The clay itself, however, is already perceived by insects and birds as 'soil' and 'spurned' - the best conditions for natural protection of the seeds.

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Rasenpellets mit Lehm ummantelt
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Grass or lawn pellets from Instant Seed can be produced from any conventional seed variety; our coating technology also allows the processing of seed mixes.

Gentle production process: The production process is gentle on the seeds, no pressure on the seeds, no shear forces and no temperature increase in the process - this ensures that the germination capacity of the seeds processed into pellets is not affected in any way. 

Long lasting protection: The pellet cover protects the seeds from desiccation, insect and bird damage even after they have come into contact with the soil at the seeding site and started absorbing water.

Lawn pellets make lawn seeding easier, more convenient, faster and more effective

  • pellets only have to be 'thrown out', into missing spots or also into the thinned out lawn
  • the pellets grow and germinate where they fall — 'as sown so grown' -.   
  • if pellets fall on foliage or stalks: it doesn't matter, they can start growing and germinating there as well, they will fall down later and continue growing
  • the pellet cover contains all substances for optimal seed development
  • lost seed due to bird predation, rain, wind and other circumstances doesn't matter any more.

Our Product Range

In addition to lawn pellets, instant seed's product range nowincludes a wide range of clay-based coatings for seeds, both for the hobby gardener and for professional users in the horticulture, landscaping, agriculture and forestry sectors. 

The inventions and developments cover the range of micro seeds of grasses, herbs and flowers with a few micrograms of weight and allow a sustainable and bio-compliant promotion of germination, growth and plant protection, which until now were essentially implemented using extensive chemical aids natural protection of seeds.

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