Brache Waldfläche

Wald brach

For our products we distinguish between two types of renaturation. On the one hand, the renaturation of gravel pits or open pit bees and, on the other hand, the renaturation of forest areas destroyed by drought, fire or beetle infestation.

The earth gives us its mineral resources - and we at Instant Seed give it back new habitats after extraction. The renaturation of former extraction sites, such as open-cast lignite mines, is part of our core business. Our pellets are easy to spread, do not need to be put underground and have the following advantages:

  • Are not washed away by water
  • Bind water in the clay mantle -> less sensitive during dry periods
  • Vögel und Nager sehen sie nicht als Futter an
  • Beim Zerfallen der Pellets werden der Boden und die Pflanze rundherum mit Nährstoffen versorgt.

The forest is the lung of our world, but due to global warming. Fires, droughts or beetle infestations are threatening more and more forests. This makes it all the more important to launch targeted renaturation measures to plant fallow land with a resilient forest. The problem with forestry is that there is never enough seed, so every seed is very precious.

Wir von Instant Seed haben nach Ummantelungslösungen gesucht, die eine Keimung garantieren und bei allen gängigen verfahren der Saatgutausbringung eingesetzt werden können. Unsere Baumsamen-Pellets sind geeignet für Drohne, Hubschrauber und allen anderen mechanisierten Ausbringungsmaschinen wie auch für manuelle Ausbringung.

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