Flower meadows made simple:

Scatter – Water – Enjoy

easySeed® Flowers & Herbs – Seed Coating for Surface Sowing

The easySeed® coating technology enables a sowing solution where the seed is only scattered on the soil and no longer needs to be placed under the soil. In addition, the clay-based coating ensures that insect damage, bird damage or desiccation are a thing of the past.

Seeds of flowers and herbs have an almost unlimited variety of shapes and sizes; the smallest flower seeds, such as those of orchids, snapdragons, or Japanese rose have weights of 1 to 25 micrograms and can just be seen with the naked eye, but are hardly targeted. Slightly different rules apply to seed dispersal for each plant. Depending on whether they are light or dark germinators, they must always be placed at the right depth to ensure the desired germination success, and should still have good soil contact, preferably with the nutrient-rich portions of the soil.

Advantages of easySeed® pellets (flowers, herbs, lawn)

In fact, easySeed® pellets only need to be thrown on the ground, the tedious soil preparation can be omitted – but a little soil preparation doesn't hurt, and of course the yields increase when easySeed® seeds are applied to weed-free and loose soil.

easySeed® seeds are protected from predators such as birds or insects by the clay coating.

easySeed® pellets are heavier than water – the pellets do not float away so easily when watered or rained – ideal also on embankments, uneven ground and heavy rain.

Many seeds are blown away by the wind – easySeed® pellets are not! Ideal for soil-friendly, but large-scale and targeted sowing with drones and other aircraft.

The easySeed® clay coating made of natural protective and nutrients protects the germ and supplies it with nutrients – and ensures uniform germination in changeable weather.

Growth in your own soil! Clay is fertile, permeable to air and water and has a very good water-holding capacity – ideal for even germination and for supporting the growth of young plants.

Seeds are saved and saving is sustainable – the natural protective function of the easySeed® clay coating ensures far lower losses than with "naked" seeds.

easySeed® clay coat guarantees better initial growth with less seed use. If necessary, nutrients added sparingly can also sustainably increase the yield of the seeds.

Blumen Pellets

Prevent seed loss

Every experienced gardener knows that when sowing flowers, a large percentage of the seed is lost, due to desiccation, poor contact with the soil, insect feeding or bird feeding. In the case of small seeds, up to 95 % of the seeds are lost. From a seed bag of rockweed with several hundred seeds, at best one to two dozen seeds will grow into flowering plants.

For the first time, easySeed® ermöglicht erstmals auch für den Hobby-Gärtner eine Aussaat-Lösung, bei der man jeden Samen einzeln handhaben und gezielt platzieren kann.  Und darüber hinaus sorgt die lehmbasierte Hülle noch dafür, dass Insektenfraß, Vogelfraß oder Austrocknung der Vergangenheit angehören. Und der Samen muss nur noch auf die Erde ausgeworfen werden, nicht mehr unter die Erde gebracht werden; ideal übrigens für die Nachsaat von Flächen. Der Hobby-Gärtner muss nicht mehr wissen, welcher Samen wie tief und wie ‚fest verbuddelt‘ werden muss. Mischungen verschiedenster Samen können so einfachst ausgesät werden.

Guerrilla Gardening / Seed Bombs / Seed Balls

In the 1970s, a group called the Green Guerillas formed in New York with the goal of conducting wild planting actions in the city as a new form of protest. Balls containing a mixture of mud, clay, and plant or flower seeds were used, dried, and then selectively dropped into parks, front yards, and otherwise inaccessible places. Cultivation experiments of barley and rice in an emergency situation after the end of World War II in Japan are well known and were probably precursors to this "guerrilla gardening."

In recent years, a small market niche has emerged that serves the concept of guerrilla gardening commercially with so-called seed bombs or seed balls, often made from mixtures of cat litter, seeds, clay and other materials, intended for sowing in flower pots as well as in the garden, qualitatively with a very wide range, but something always germinates and grows - often used to annoy the neighbour or the community and bring flowers and growth where it may not be wanted.

Instant Seed's seed pellets, based on pure and high quality clay formulations, are the first to offer coated seed that can be used like a seed bomb without the need for bulky packing into a ball or seed bomb. Now patent pending, these professional-grade seed clay pellets are ideal for the more efficient seed bomb technique, with much lower volume and significantly increased seeding efficiency, due to their high specific gravity, "flight" characteristics and optimal germination and growing conditions due to the clay formulation. The editors of Instant Seed thank you for the tip of a "guerrilla gardener"

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