Innovative solutions for the agricultural sector

easySeed® Agricultural Coating

Until now, seed coating in the agricultural sector has generally meant the passage of large quantities of seeds with some typical characteristics and significant limitations:

  • Batch or continuous process with large quantities of seeds (number of seeds per processing step)
  • Use of materials that are easy to process, using liquid substances.
  • use of chemicals and non-biocompatible substances
  • drying processes, if necessary several times
  • exclusion of natural materials with significantly abrasive properties such as clay, sand, silicates, silt, etc.
  • generally no possibility of applying moist materials, which must retain their moisture until application
  • de facto no possibility to apply hygroscopic materials with strong moisture-dependent volume change
  • many processes stress the surface of the seed by, among other things, abrasion

easySeed® Dry Coating

Instant Seed has developed a coating process that offers significant advantages over conventional coatings.

  • dry:
    • no drying process necessary
    • no liquids necessary to apply the coating or additives
  • natural:
    • no use of artificial polymers, microplastics or nanoparticles
    • natural materials such as clay, sand, silicates, silt, etc. can be used without restrictions
  • gentle: no contamination of seeds and seed surfaces in the process
  • modular: different materials, both moist (e.g. rhizobia) and dry materials (e.g. beneficial fungi) can be applied separately from each other
  • storablethe coated seed can be stored for a long time
  • rain-independent: After sowing, the seed remains fully germinable for a long time and is protected against rapid desiccation

Coating with a suitable formulation leads to significant yield increases. In external field trials as well as in our own orienting sowing tests, it was found that the formulations applied lead to significant yield increases.

The additional benefit from the bird predation protection effect of a clay coating has not yet been quantified, but will play a role in the future to the extent that chemical repellents are successively banned in agricultural applications.

Example of Dry Coating Options for Soy Seeds

Elemental Rhizobia
Dry Coating

Moist rhizobia are applied between two hydrophobic layers, which are de facto encapsulated by the layers and retain their moisture; after application into the ground, the protective layer is released.

Rhizobia Dry Coating
+ Additive

Additional application of a layer for nutrients etc. on the outer shell.

Rhizobia Dry Coating
+ Additive + Water Reservoir

Additional application of a natural water reservoir to bridge dry periods in the germination and initial growth phase.

How Dry Coating Simplifies the Sowing Process

Soybean sowing today – cumbersome and weather-dependent

Soybean seed with easySeed® dry coating

Sowing is no longer dependent on the weather. Thanks to the dry coating process, inoculation is possible weeks or months before sowing. Even after sowing, it does not have to rain immediately; with the first rain, the barrier to the rhizobia is broken, and the rhizobia can begin to take effect. The known loss of rhizobia efficiency due to dehydration is avoided by this procedure.

easySeed® Coating TCW+

The easySeed® technology enables the thousand corn weight (TCW) to be significantly increased, the following are examples of implemented applications:

Size and TCW adjustment
for optimal machine seeding

Match sorghum corn to maize corn
for a (joint) seeding process

Maize and Sunflower

Seed volume and weight

+70 %

Increase seed weight and volume by up to 70% to adapt the seed, which is too small in parts, to customer requirements and expectations for optimal sowing.

Millet, Sorghum

Seed volume and weight


Increase of seed weight and volume by up to ten times to be able to use the seed in a sowing procedure with significantly larger seeds.

Professionel Sowing

For professional seeding, the seed coatings can be provided with a tough and abrasion-resistant outer layer so that they can also be applied efficiently and effectively by machine using helicopters, mechanical spreaders or, in the case of large areas, even with seeding drones. The easySeed® coating technology opens up completely new possibilities for use and application through a solution geared to area seeding for professional use in agriculture or forestry.

Examples for Agricultural Solutions

Sunflower: Bare resp raw seeds (left) and pelleted seeds (right)
Soybean: Bare resp. raw seeds (left) and pelleted seeds (right) with Rhizobia coating
Maize: Bare resp. raw seeds (left) and pelleted seeds (right)