The coating with a suitable clay formulation leads to significant yield increases. In external field trials, as well as in our own orienting sowing tests, it was found that the applied clay formulation leads to significant yield increases; in detail, it was found that:

  • a significantly improved field emergence (with a direct effect of an adequate yield increase)
  • an improved straw rotting
  • a more uniform field emergence and more uniform plant growth
  • The comparatively low application rate of seed per hectare for oilseeds such as canola, sunflower or corn means that significant added value in yield can be achieved with only a small additional cost for seed coating.  

The additional benefit from the bird predation protection effect of a clay coating has not yet been quantified, but will play a role in the future to the extent that chemical repellents are successively banned in agricultural applications.

Examples of agricultural solutions:

Sonnenblumen ummantelt mit Lehm und ohne Lehm
Bare (left) and pellicle (right) sunflower seeds
Soja ummantelt mit Lehm und ohne Lehm
Naked (left) and furred (right and center) Soy seed
Mais ummantelt
Naked (left) and furred (right) corn seeds
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