Feld Korn

We make the world go green

Good ideas are born from experience and understanding – and the will to do better. Solutions with more efficiency and improved benefits are already perceived as progress. But only what protects the environment and resources is really better. These are and were the guidelines of our company.

We are the technologically creative ones with an innovative potential for the really better ideas - we strive for products with economic and ecological additional benefits, we want to convince the user through clear advantages. And we stand for the fact that the world's best ideas also lead to the world's best products with completely new potentials. Refined seed with instant seed technology is one example of this! instant seed's  is an example of this!

Instant Seed is a startup company founded by two Berlin engineers in 2015 with headquarters and manufacturing facility in Brandenburg. The startup is based on a previous several years of development work on lawn seeds coated with nutrient-rich clay.

The goal was to create a natural and environmentally friendly solution for easy product handling for lawn repair or new seeding and to implement this with 'bio' materials without chemical additives. Seeding should be possible without pre- and post-treatment; the seeds should not have to go underground to 'work'. The coating should already contain all the nutrients for safe germination and initial growth.

Successful applications and awards confirm the path taken.

Preisverleihung Innovationspreis GaLaBau 2023
Award ceremony innovation award GaLaBau 2022
MDR (German TV) recordings for the TV format "einfachgenial!" (simply ingenious!) 2018 in Berlin

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