The ecological and efficient solution

Innovative lawn seed pellets with sure seeding success, without the hassle of seeding, without repeated re-seeding! We do not want to spoil the birds' appetite - but we make sure that lawn seed pellets from Instant Seed  do not taste the birds. A rain shower or watering after sowing won't wash the seed pellets away.
You reap what you sow - easily, efficiently and guaranteed!

What was previously only available for lawns is now available for flowers and herbs.
Flower meadow, bee meadow, insect pasture or simply the year-round flower bed in the garden: thanks to a new coating technology for the flower seeds - for all flower seeds, no matter how small or large and no matter what shape - you can simply scatter the coated seeds on the ground or sprinkle them into existing crops or even re-spread them; this applies just as much to green areas such as meadows, pastures, green strips or parks. 

There is no need to put the seed pellets in the ground - and they germinate and grow perfectly.

The new Instant Seed - coating technology no longer requires the hobby gardener to know at what depth and with what growth aids the seeds must be scattered or placed in the soil - the pellet already has the know-how in it - scatter, water - and enjoy....

If you had to live with the fact that up to 95% of the seeds never germinate because they are eaten by birds or insects or simply dry up - this is now a thing of the past with the flower pellets. 

And the whole thing with natural ingredients - completely without chemicals!

Biobeitze Samen Weizen
Wheat seeds treated with organic plant strengthener (pickled)

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